To: all CEDEC2014 attendees

To: all CEDEC2014 attendees

Some points TO which you need to pay attention and to be careful about while taking the lectures:


There is no pre-registration for any session; you can leave and enter the venue anytime you want.
*** Some restrictions may apply. Please check the details in the program guide.
While attending the sessions, please turn off your all your eletronic devices, or set them to silent mode.
Please have your entry pass ready every time you go to a session. We ask you to make it visible to the staff (preferably by wearing it around your neck) to speed up your entrance at the venue.

Upon entering the venue, you will be given a survey sheet related to the topic in question.

This sheet will be collected by the staff at the end of the lecture, and the data collected will be used for statistical purposes, as well as for gathering feedback from the atendees, which will then be forwarded to the speakers.
Your feedback is crucial for ensuring not only better quality lectures from the speakers, but also a more efficient service by the staff for future events, so please write thoroughly.

About taking pictures and updating them to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar social networks

At the speaker's discretion, you may be allowed to take pictures and uploading them to social networks. If restrictions do apply, they will be either stated at the beginning of the lecture, or displayed on the corresponding slides with a prohibition sign. Make sure to abide by the speaker's restrictions in order to avoid any incident.
While taking pictures, if you are not the one of the pre-registration members, please refrain from taking flash photographies.
We ask you to refrain from modifing the pictures taken at the venue, using the information obtained as-is. When uploading them to social networks, please make sure to make that information available only to members of the industry. (***Do not disclose any information to the general public.)
Taking videos or recording the sessions in audio is expressly forbidden.

About priority seats:

There are priority seats for the people with disabilities, injury, and pregnant; they have difficulties standing while listening the sessions. Please have them the seat first.-> There are priority seats for people with disabilities or injuries, as well as expecting mothers. As they have difficulty standing while listening to the sessions, we ask you to allow them to sit first.
Please make sure you talk to the staffs beforehand if you have the need for a priority seat. If you are a person requiring a priority seat, please come to the 2nd floor (Main Reception / Sogo-Uketsuke) and talk to a member of the staff, who will guide you to an available seat in the desired venue. You can also do so during the course of a session (***if late entry has been allowed by the speaker).

Regarding CEDEC-NET:

This year, CEDEC-NET has tried to improve on Wi-Fi usability inside the main venue. The SSID/password required, as well as the location of the Wi-Fi hotspots, are informed in the program guide and in the pocket guide. We ask you to make use of the W-Fi provided by CEDC-NET instead of your own Wi-Fi router while attending CEDEC2014. This is not a requirement, but it would greatly help us improve out wireless infrastructure for future events. The official hashtag is #CEDEC2014.

Regarding CEDiL(Lecture slides):

All lecture material provided by the speakers will be displayed in CEDiL afterwards. They may not be the same ones displayed at the lectures, however, due to confidentiality issues.

Regarding media coverage

As the media is allowed to use all material gathered at CEDEC as they see fit, please understand that your photo may be taken at the venue and then made available to the public.

About the venue

You are allowed to eat anywhere except at the main hall. Please refrain from eating and drinking whike at the main room.
There are two designated smoking areas at he 1st and 3rd floors at the venue. Please refrain from smoking anywhere else.
If you lose something, feel sick or was injured, please talk to the staff immediately. If no member of the staff is available, please go to the main reception (Sogo-uketsuke) at the 2nd floor.

Regarding the access pass for the sessions:

At the bottom of your entry pass there is an area for you to write your own profile. Feel free to write anything about yourself. We hope that this may help you to interact with the other atendees at the venue.

Regarding the information about the sessions:

  • Session schedule: go into this link
  • About the details of the sessions: go into this link
    From this year, you can download with CSV and JSON formats: please use them.
  • Interactive sessions: go into this link.
  • Companies which support CEDEC: go into this link.
    Please visit the supporting companies because there are many new information about the products.
    In addition, there are free drinks in the first and second floor; there are also free bags in the reception. In the 4th floor near elevator, there are also free drinks and the place to charge your computers or any electronic devices. Please use them freely./li>
  • This is the bookstore web-site: go to the link.It is the nice opportunities to obtain the books which are related to games./li>
  • CEDEC AWARDS: go to the link here
    You are to vote the awards; the deadline is Sep 2 nd, 2014. Please choose the best ones to vote.
    The vote is from this link.
    When you vote, you need the email address and password which you register; please log in before you vote.
    In the second day on September 3rd at 17:50pm, there is the ending ceremony; please join it.
  • CEDEC challenge: go to the link.
    Pera contest 2014 is to open to register; please register now (The deadline is Sep 2nd, 2014)
  • The exhibition of the Project Morpheus will be in Sep 2nd, 2014.
    If you would like to visit the exhibition, please come early in the morning like 9am to get the tickets.
  • There is the party, the Developer's Night Party, on Sep 3rd, 2014 (from 19:30~)
    This one is to cost 5,000yen to attend; if you wish to join the party, you need to get the ticket beforehand. You can buy the tickets in the 2nd floor at the Main Reception (Sogo-Uketsuke). Please visit to buy, we are welcome you join us.