Video Game Technology in the West: The Panel/欧米のゲームテクノロジー:パネルディスカッション

08月24日(水) 14:50 〜 15:50

This panel is designed for all technical people (especially Programmers, Lead Programmers, Technology Directors and Technical Artists) interested to learn more about how things are done in the West. A wide variety of themes will be discussed, and to grasp all the subtleties of the panelists’ wisdom, it is required for the audience to have a certain level of experience in our industry.



The goal of this Panel it to make you think out of the box, think differently about how things could be done in terms of technology, get you to understand and consider seriously how the most successful western programmers are doing things



What would you think if CEDEC was going to put on stage the World’s best Tech developers from the best Western Studios? What if these Studios were Bungie, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco Studios? What if they were here to not only touch base on critical Technology Development aspects, but to also answer your questions?

Well, this is what CEDEC is proposing to you.

Pete, Olivier and Sangbae will be yours for an hour. The moderator will start the panel by introducing our panelists, and then steer the discussions toward various important technical aspects that the Japanese Game Development Community could benefit from; that said, all along the panel, the moderator will be giving priority to the questions from the audience.




Bandai Namco Studios


講演者詳細を開く >


Julien started as a programmer on the Atari Jaguar in the early 90s at Shen Technologies in Paris. He then joined Ubisoft Entertainment to work in game and engine teams before becoming the worldwide technical director of Ubisoft Entertainment in 1999. In this role, he played a major part in the studio's creation, organization, technology, production pipeline design, and multi-platform strategy, as well as in AAA features integration, on brands such as 'Rayman', 'Far Cry', 'Splinter Cell', 'Prince of Persia', and 'Assassin's Creed'. He also took responsibility for middleware and development strategy, communication and cooperation strategy, and hardware manufacturers and middleware relations. At the end of 2005, after having worked extensively on PS3 / XBox360, Julien pursued his career at Eidos, where he served as the worldwide CTO working on the technology strategy, before getting involved in initiating Eidos Montreal and Eidos Shanghai Studios. Julien became the worldwide technology director for Square Enix Group, working on a wide variety of engines and franchises including 'Tomb Raider', 'Final Fantasy', 'Hitman', 'Deus Ex' and 'Kingdom Hearts'. In 2013, he joined Konami as the worldwide technology director to oversee Fox Engine, work directly on the acclaimed 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain', and help advance many games in the group including 'Pro Evolution Soccer' 2015 and 2016.
Julien joined Bandai Namco Studios early 2016, where he now serves as their CTO.

ジュリアンは20年以上の経験をもつエンジン・テクノロジーの専門家です。UbisoftでRaymanやFar Cryなどのタイトルにかかわり、またミドルウエアの開発や戦略なども担当しました。2005年にWorldwide CTOとしてEidosに入社。その後、スクエアエニックスのWorldwide Technology Directorとしてエンジン開発やTomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Hitman, Deus EXなどのタイトルにかかわりました。2013年にKonamiに移籍してFox Engineの開発、Metal Gear Solid V、Pro Evolution Soccer等にかかわり、2016年からBandai Namco StudioのCTOとして活躍しています。




Ubisoft La Forge

Director of Development

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I have been active in the video game industry over the past 20 years. I contributed in many different ways from gameplay, AI programming from PC games to AAA space !
Since 2016, I am handling the operation at UBISOFT LA FORGE R&D lab in Montreal.
I am currently chairing the ML track at GDC.

2016年からは、モントリオールにあるUbisoft La Forge R&Dラボで指揮を執っています。
現在、GDC (Game Developers Conference)でML(機械学習)のトラックの座長も務めています。


Dear audience,

I hope you will enjoy this lecture on a way to handle innovation. I have chosen not to focus on technical details but more on the journey to explore, learn & hopefully create better games at Ubisoft.
If you want to ping me afterwards to get more details on those, It’ll be my pleasure to get them to you.





Gameplay Engineering

Engineering Architect

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I have been working as a software engineer in games for over 15 years, and prior to that time, I was a Special Education teacher for 7 years. During those 15 years in games, I have had the opportunity to work across various programming disciplines including UI, Tools/Engine/Infrastructure/Automation, Management, and Gameplay. I am currently the technical lead for the Destiny Narrative Systems and Workflows team, which builds and maintains the game systems and editors for the Destiny narrative content creation teams. This includes the teams that produce audio, dialogue, cinematics, vignettes, non-playable character interactions, and localization.

I am passionate about game technology, storytelling, audio, and teaching. Outside of working on games, I enjoy playing open world and story-driven games, watching films of all genres, and exploring nature and rock-climbing with my partner and two children.

私は15年以上ゲームのソフトウェアエンジニアとして働いていますが、それ以前は7年間、特別支援教育の教師をしていました。ゲーム業界で過ごしたこの15年間、UI、ツール/エンジン/インフラ/オートメーション、マネジメント、ゲームプレイなど、様々なプログラミング分野に携わる機会に恵まれてきました。現在は、DestinyシリーズのNarrative Systems and Workflowsチームのテックリードを務めており、Destinyシリーズのストーリーコンテンツ制作チームのためにゲームシステムやエディタを構築・整備しています。その中には、オーディオ、ダイアログ、シネマティック、ビネット、ノンプレイヤーキャラクターとのインタラクションを制作するチームやローカライゼーションなどを担当するチームも含まれています。



Thank you for your interest in this talk. This material is a culmination of lessons that we’ve learned over several years of building and releasing a live service game. The talk will cover the processes, roles, and tools that we either use or have built internally to help us create and release game updates at a consistent release cadence. It will help to understand source control and build systems prior to entering the talk, but I will be providing simplified overviews to those topics so that expertise in those systems is not required. I am looking forward to speaking with all of you!


南 相培

Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Technology Studio

Technical Director

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I have developed a lot of popular video games like ACE COMBAT series and Super Smash Bros. series. Now I am working on an in-house game engine. I also have long experience of working at a Japanese studio as a non-Japanese engineer.





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Gari has been developing games since the 8-bit era working at Ocean, Hewson, and Interceptor Micros in the U.K. both programming and composing music. His career has taken his far and wide, working at Iguana Entertainment and Shiny Entertainment in the USA, Electronic Arts Canada, working on many games (including NHL, FIFA, NBA, Madden, NBA Street, Battlefield 3) before moving into the role of Technical Director of EA's Animation Technology team. He is currently the CTO at Q-Games since moving to Kyoto, Japan 9 years ago, where he still codes and composes music in-between his other duties.

8bit時代からゲーム開発に携わり、イギリスのOcean、Hewson、Interceptor Microsでプログラミングと作曲の両方を手がける。アメリカのIguana EntertainmentやShiny Entertainment、Electronic Arts Canadaで多くのゲーム(『NHL』、『FIFA』、『NBA』、『Madden』、『NBAストリート』、『バトルフィールド 3』など)の制作に携わり、EAのアニメーション技術チームのテクニカルディレクターに就任するなど、そのキャリアは多岐にわたる。9年前に京都に移住して以来、Q-GamesのCTOを務め、コーディングや作曲も他の業務の合間に続けている。