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For CEDEC 2013

CEDEC Steering Committee
Chairperson: Naohiro Saito

For ever changing and evolving computer entertainment, the term "conservative" does not associate well. Changes in the computer entertainment business have brought about changes in occasions on which games are played, be they commercial, domestic or social. Likewise, content design has been evolving in response to advancing interfaces. Those who are involved in computer entertainment continue their effort in inventing, developing and providing new, creative pieces of entertainment: if they cease being aggressive in tackling new challenges, they cannot expect a sustainable future. To continue to face these challenges, individuals and organizations need to be creative and avoid being trapped by conventional thoughts. Focusing on the "present" may make a person conservative. One of the thrills that computer entertainment development offers is that they can continue trying new things and evolving all the time.

"BE BOLD!" has been selected as the theme for CEDEC2013, a forum for computer entertainment developers. The scope of CEDEC has been recently expanded from game to computer entertainment more broadly, and every year, a theme is selected for the forum to promote interaction between technologies and people. The message we put in this year's theme "BE BOLD!" is to encourage individuals and companies to pursue goals in their fields of expertise and business more aggressively than ever. Regardless of what is done, plowing ahead with confidence is the key to achieve an evolutionary change that has never been imagined. We hope CEDEC can play a part in this evolution.

Let's create new entertainment for the future!



Period: August 21 (Wed) – August23 (Fri), 2013

PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference enter
(Minatomirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama)

Organizer: Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA)
Number of scheduled sessions: 200