Exhibitions / PR Seminars


  • Being Co.,Ltd.

    If you try to keep “due date” severely, you may end up to lose fun part (=quality). On the contrary, if you care about fun part (=quality) severely, you may end up to miss "due date." Haven’t you caught in such dilemma?

    Then, fortunately, there is one solution to solve your such dilemma, which is to use one of project management methodology called CCPM(Critical Chain Project Management) based on Theory of Constraints.

    So, if you are interested in this solution stated above, please drop by our booth. We will show you our cutting edge CCPM based software called "BeingManagement 2" that enables you to manage projects simply even if your projects have uncertainty.

  • Hansoft

    Hansoft is an integrated solution for agile and lean development, collaborative scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, portfolio and document management, used by the most demanding software developers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The tool is fast and easy and builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration. Newly released Hansoft 6.1 also contains support for Kanban as well as new and improved release and sprint burndown charts.

  • Ideaworks Labs

    Airplay SDK is a multi-platform mobile application development and deployment solution which maintains the compatibility across mobile platforms at the very bottom of the architecture (CPU based on ARM architecture) and enables developers to realise the 'true' performance of the underlying H/W and unique features of platforms & devices. Literally, Airplay does Java promised but could not deliver; “Write once, run anywhere”. Developers can program in native C/C++ languages on the industry standard Microsoft Visual Studio environment, debug on the desktop using x86 simulator and ARM emulator to build a single ARM code, then create packages with a single click for each target platform (that be iOS, Android, BREW MP, Symbian, Windows Mobile, HP webOS etc.) using Airplay Deployment Tool. Please visit Ideaworks stand to check out the 'proven' solution with many premium titles released from large number of customers world-wide. (There will be hands-on sessions for you to try it out.)

  • Imagination Technologies

    Imagination will demonstrate POWERVR, the leading technology for advanced 3D in mobile and embeded devices, and the POWERVR Insider SDK and toolchain for creating advanced mobile graphics content.

  • OGIS-RI Co., Ltd.

    “Palamida” software product is the industry's first solution to address the application security problem for open source. Palamida will detect open source software (OSS) and its license included in software. It analyzes an entire code, including source, text and binary files, and then identifies and tracks undocumented code and associated security vulnerabilities as well as intellectual property and compliance issues. It allows development organaizations to cost-effectively manage and secure mission critical applications and products. Besides the product, we offer the service that evaluates the use of OSS and its license by using Palamida.

  • Pole To Win Co., Ltd.

    Number one in their respective trades of game testing, design consulting, and customer support/website monitoring--Pole To Win, SARUGAKUCHO, and PITCREW are all members in the same business group. Each of these leading companies will introduce the exclusive features of their fields, as well as explain the synergy made possible by their group affiliation--the same synergy allowing for effective and efficient end-to-end services. In addition to brochures, we are accepting any and all questions you may have. Stop by and have a chat with us.

  • RAD Game Tools, Inc.

    At its booth, RAD will be demonstrating three products: the Granny 3D animation and export pipeline, the Miles Sound System, and the newly-released programmer-driven application profiling tool, Telemetry. Conference attendees will be able to see close-up and in-depth why so many developers choose RAD's tools. RAD software engineer Dave Moore will be available to answer specific questions, show features, and provide additional information about each product. In addition, RAD will be showing video clips and game trailers that use Bink video.

  • Unity Technologies

    Unity Technologies will be demonstrating version 3 of its popular Unity game engine which can be used to create games for SNS/web, iPhone, iPad, Android, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

  • Xoreax Japan Inc. / Marubeni Information Systems Co.,Ltd.

    Xoreax’s solution for distributed compilation and other complex processes - “IncrediBuild”, has become a standard in the game industry, with 4,000 licenses sold in Japan, and over 60,000 worldwide.

    IncrediBuild utilizes advanced Grid Computing technology to easily accelerate Microsoft Visual Studio builds, make-based processes, and other complex processes running on the Windows platform.

    IncrediBuild is easy to manage and through its deployment, it is possible to realize a significant speed improvement without investing in additional hardware.

    Klocwork’s “Klocwork Insight” is a software (tool) for bug detection in C/C++, Japan, C# source code. Using a static detection technology, “Klocwork Insight” detects precisely, quickly and comprehensively memory leaks, buffer overflow and other severe bugs that may lurk in the code.