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Potentiality for a Serious Game development based on university-industry-government collaboration
―Through our concrete case of “Serious Game Project 2009” −

September 2 (Thu) 11:20 - 12:20
Panel Discussion
Expected Skill

Anyone who is working on (or interested in) a serious game research and development.
Anyone who is developing (or interested in) games university-industry-government collaboration basis.

Ideas Take Away

A practical example of serious game development
Advantages and problems on game development based on university-industry-government collaboration

Kyushu University has conducted the Serious Game Project under the scheme of university-industry-government collaboration since last year.
As a long term prospect, we aim to accumulate the know-how on the development of serious games through this project and also to enlarge the game industry in the foreseeable future.
In this session, we introduce you the games we developed last year themed “environment problem” and discuss the potentiality for serious game itself while unveiling some problems we’ve facing.
We also focus on serious games on the theme of “health-care” and “tourism” we’re working on this year to make it more practical for industrialization.
Dr.Takasugi from Kyushu university hospital who has been famous for putting serious games into rehabilitation as a pioneer join the session and enliven our discussion.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Hiroyuki Matsuguma

    Hiroyuki Matsuguma

    Assistant Professor

    Faculty of Design, Graduate School

    Kyushu University

  • Jun-ichi Ishikawa

    Jun-ichi Ishikawa


    Elements Co.,Ltd.

  • Hiroyoshi Doi

    Hiroyoshi Doi


    New Industry Section, Eeconomic Promotion Bureau

    Fukuoka City Government

  • Shin-ichiro Takasugi

    Shin-ichiro Takasugi

    Associate Professor

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Kyushu University Hospital

  • Yoshihiro Okada

    Yoshihiro Okada

    Associate Professor

    Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

    Kyushu University