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How are you handling your internal technical education system? - Examples of how Tecmo Koei deals with it

September 1 (Wed) 11:20 - 12:20
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

Those of you who engage (will engage) in educating employees or new recruits. Also those of you who feel your education system is
different from other companies'. (It would be ideal if you know about basic terms of C/C++ and 3DCG, although it's not mandatory)

Ideas Take Away

The education system for new recruits adopted in Tecmo Koei and the specific examples from our internal technical education system
will be introduced. Information will be used for not only a hint to make an actual move for those of you who feel the need for
technical education, but a chance to compare and improve yours for those of you who already have an established education system.
Let's try to improve the basic technical level of your company.

1. The need for technical education
(Technical knowledge which is becoming more advanced over the past 10 years, specialization of work tasks, trouble caused by the
lack of basic knowledge, how much someone's "independence" can be trusted, how we can carefully develop valuable human resources)

With the game development technology being more sophisticated and broadened, the need for technical education is more prominent now.
I will explain about the background which made me think that internal technical education should be put more focus on.

2. Introduction of Tecmo Koei's education system
(Training for new recruits, basic programming course, 3DCG course, shader course, internal tool training, journal club)

The specific examples of what Tecmo Koei has been doing for education will be introduced, as I show what kind of training or study
meeting are actually held internally, so that people can use this information as material for consideration when actually planning
their education system.

3. Conclusion
(Cost for training preparation, future challenges)

The cost to prepare training and what kind of training will be actually needed in the future will be explained.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Shinichi Kanai

    Shinichi Kanai


    Software Development Division Technical Research & Development Dept.