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Proven remedy for mobile platform/device fragmentation - Airplay SDK

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Ideaworks Labs

September 2 (Thu) 11:20 - 12:20
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

Anyone interested in application development and deployment for smartphones including iPhone and Android

Ideas Take Away

The participants will learn how Airplay SDK empowers developers to produce and deploy native applications, targeting various mobile platforms, and monetising from a half-billion devices world-wide

With the advent of iPhone, Japan has finally started steering away from the 'Galapagos' state and is about to embrace open and global standards in mobile space. However, from the vantage point of application developers, long-plaguing platform/device fragmentation problem still persists. Monetising from mobile apps are never easy. Until recently, a few global publishers leveraged their scale to run labour-intensive manual porting houses to build mobile applications for different devices, however this is no longer a valid option even for them with the scale. In this session, the uninitiated will learn how developers ranging from global publishers to indie developers are efficiently creating premium contents and monetising globally using Airplay SDK, with demonstration of application build, debug and deployment to various devices.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Yasushi Nakamura

    Yasushi Nakamura

    VP Business Development

    Ideaworks Labs

    He is a game technology veteran since the dawn of game tools and middleware at the time of PS2 launch. Prior to joining Ideaworks, he also gained experience working directly with 'users' of the game technologies through managing various cross studio initiatives for collaboratively developing next-gen technologies at a global game publisher. The resultant technologies have been successfully used in many of AAA franchises. He joined Ideaworks two and a half years ago, attracted by the company's advanced mobile technology which defeats the plaguing fragmentation issues and brings healthy content eco-system for mobile content development. Today you can have technologies which were only possible on the latest game consoles 10 years ago, running on your smartphones. The time is ripe for middleware for smartphone app development.


    When you write an app for Android, did you know you could write it in C/C++ and target other smartphone platforms as well as Android? Following the recent iPhone revolution in mobile applications, this year will see #2 and #3 smartphone platforms firm up their footholds. Previoulsy, application development for mobile platforms has been regarded as a different class from that of console/portable game development. We are introducing a native (C/C++) application development and deployment solution which breaks such boundary. Hope you could join us and see for yourself how Airplay SDK, power behind various AAA mobile titles, enables multiplatform development and deployment using single ARM binary.