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Physics meets Animation : Character Stunts in Just Cause 2

August 31 (Tue) 14:50 - 15:50
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

This lecture is intended for character programmers (physics, animation or game mechanics) and technical animators. Knowledge of animation systems and a very basic understanding of how physics works can be beneficial.

Ideas Take Away

Attendees will gain an insight into the systems at work to produce the character action and game mechanics in Just Cause 2. They will gain an insight into how to exploit physics as a valuable input into character behavior in a controlled way as well as some practical advice on common pitfalls. They will receive some practical ways of procedurally effecting character behavior to increase the feeling of character awareness and interaction with the environment as well as some tips on how these mechanisms can be exposed to content creators.

Just Cause 2 is a game with a uniquely varied character game-play and interaction with objects. The character can skydive, dangle from a helicopter, parachute, swim, grapple and cling to cars, boats and air vehicles, all while firing a wide range of weapons. In this session, we reveal how physics, animation and IK were used in conjunction to produce this fast-paced, responsive action.The session will focus particularly on how physics can be used as a valuable addition to character animation, helping to reduce the burden of animation asset creation. It highlights the role physics can play in opening up novel gameplay options and in giving the user a feeling of responsiveness and immersion. It reviews the problems we faced and suggests a palatable approach to greater levels of physics adoption.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • John Fuller

    John Fuller

    Technical Director


    Technical Director, Avalanche Studios
    John Fuller is now Tehnical Director for a triple-A project at Avalanche Studios. He previously worked as both Senior Engineer and as European Sales Manager with Havok. John has spent 8 years of his time with Havok working with customers in a technical and account management capacity – helping them to get the most from Havok products and to complete their projects successfully. At Avalanche Studios he is part of a central team of System Architects whose remit is cross project, mainly in the areas of physics and animation. John graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Computer Science and an M.Sc. in Distributed Systems. He has also presented twice at the Nordic Game Conference.