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The AI System of the Football Simulator in "Sakatuku" ("Let's Make Pro Soccer Club" Series)

September 2 (Thu) 11:20 - 12:20
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

・for programmers, or ones who understand programming technical words.
・fans of football (or "Sakatuku") would be more interested in the issue, but not necessary.

Ideas Take Away

・a technique for implementation of AI system suitable for real-time simulators.
・a technique for implementation under restriction of memory and CPU power.

Since 1996, "Sakatuku", or "Let's Make Pro Soccer Club" Series has been appreciating the favor of many customers.
Although the essence of the game is in the management of your club and your football players,
graphical presentation of the football match of your club is another indispensable part of the series.
In this speech, a "Sakatuku AI craftsman", programming for over 6 years, explains the football simulator system
implemented in the series after "Sakatuku DS Touch and Direct" (2008).
We've addressed the challenge such as "well-simulated football", "exciting graphic presentation",
"stress-free processing load", and real-time operability", under restriction of memory and CPU power, such as NDS and PSP.
As a result, we feel we've reached a type of solution to the implementation of AI system suitable for real-time simulators.
We believe the method would be fully suggestive for those who work on higher-spec hardwares.
We hope you get inspiration to further development of AI design and implementation, and also
we hope to get some feedback on the issue, in order to deepen and share our knowlegde.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Takeshi Ando

    Takeshi Ando

    Lead Programmer

    CS R&D Dept. #1

    Sega Corporation