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Let's begin to automate the game software development workflow by using free tools.

September 2 (Thu) 13:30 - 14:30
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

Anyone who wants to automate your game development workflow.

Ideas Take Away

The method how to integrate the game development workflow such as source code building, testing, release management, debugging…

This session introduces our case-study of a injection of continuous integration (CI) method based on "Hudson",
which is a open source software and can use for free.
The CI method integrates your development environment such as source code building, testing, something other automatable processes.
It provides a visibility, agility and discipline for your team.

In this presentation, the related methods, tools are introduced, which are integrated with a game development workflow.

Let's begin a higher software quality control environment for free!

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Takashi Kokawa

    Takashi Kokawa


    Technology Development Section AM Development Technology Dept.

    Sega Corporation