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Tekken 6: Multi-platform Development and its Graphics and Artwork (PS3, 360, PSP)

September 1 (Wed) 16:30 - 17:30
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

Course Skills: Visual Artists, Technical Artists and Students who want to develop video games (Course Level: Beginners)

Ideas Take Away

Tekken 6: Multi-platform Development and its Graphics and Artwork (PS3, 360, PSP)

We will introduce graphics production work of the latest Tekken series. While developing of Tekken 6 our goal was to reach the PlayStation 3 (PS3)... However, our company suddenly decided that Tekken 6 should have to sell on both platforms PS3 and the XBox 360 (360) without rescheduling and deterioration of quality. Also we will tell you how to convert High-end data used for PS3 to Low-end data used for the PlayStation Portable handheld game console (PSP) reducing vertices and baking textures.

Character Production : QuickSketch to Rendering (20 mins)

 ? Character Conceptual Art: for The Next Generation Console observing Tekken Series Tradition

 ? Asset Management and Pipelines: 40 characters, its costumes and items

 ? Tips : Motion Blur Techniques.

 ? The New Feature of Tekken series: Hair Customization

 ?Tips: Studio Lighting

Setup Tekken 6 Stages (15 mins)

 ? Stage Concept: Enjoyable for Onlookers

 ? Tips: The Sun Shaft Effect

 ? Time Path and Stage Effect (Illumination Blending and The Illumination Map)

Multi-Platform (20 mins)

 ? Portability Guide : PS3 to 360 (Porting PS3 to 360 is Rare Case)

 ? Struggle!! Porting PS3 to PSP... The Storms of Data Reductions

 ? Tips: Rim Lighting Implementation on PSP

 ? Tips: Maya Texture Baking Techniques for PSP

 ? Difference between The Tekken Arcade Game and Consumer Game (Its Trend and Handling)

 ? The Feature of the Maya Custom Viewer (The PS3/360/PSP Virtual Viewer for PC)

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Tsuyoshi Achira

    Tsuyoshi Achira

    Studio 1 Technical & Sound Creation Division Technical Department Project Support Section


  • Toshiteru Ogata

    Visual Art Division VA Department 1VA Section 1

  • Domae Yoshiki

    Domae Yoshiki

    Studio 1 Programming Division Programming Department 1 Programming Section 1


  • Kousuke Waki

    Kousuke Waki

    Studio 1 Visual Art Division VA Department 1 VA Section 1

    NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.