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RAD Game Tools, Inc.

September 1 (Wed) 11:20 - 12:20
Session (60min.)
Expected Skill

Game programmers, sound designers/programmers, modelers/animators, producers and supervisors.

Ideas Take Away

Session attendees will learn how each of RAD's tools--Granny 3D, the Miles Sound System and Telemetry--can make their game production process run smoother, resulting in better games, a richer end-user experience, and a successful game for the developer and publisher.

― Granny 3D: Animation and export pipeline for every platform. We'll be demoing Granny's toolchain, as well as the Blend Editor, a graphical way for artists to compose character animations.

― Miles Sound System: The Miles Sound Studio is now available! We'll demonstrate Miles's auditioning and effect control features from the new graphical interface.

― Telemetry: RAD's real-time multi-platform profiler. We'll show you how to capture performance information from every run of your game and how to track down problem code that is slowing you down.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Dave  Moore

    Dave Moore

    Tool Developer


    RAD Game Tools, Inc.

    Dave Moore is a 13-year veteran of the games industry. Starting his career on the PC, he worked on "Tribes" and "Tribes 2", which were pioneering games in the online First Person Shooter genre. Transitioning into consoles, he shipped the Xbox launch title "Munch's Oddysee" at Oddworld Inhabitants, and has since worked on titles for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. As Lead Developer on Granny 3D for the last 4 years, he has helped teams create world-class characters for hundreds of titles on every modern gaming platform.


    RAD Game Tools provides superior products for game development. Our products have been used in thousands of titles. At our CEDEC 2010 session, we will be demonstrating the latest Blend Graph Editor functionality of Granny 3D, the newly added GUI authoring environment of the MILES SOUND SYSTEM 8, and our recently released programmer-driven application profiling tool, TELEMETRY. And if you don't get to ask a question during the session, we'll have a software engineer at our exhibit booth ready to provide any answers and show you more capabilities. You will get the right solution and the answer from RAD!