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Manga "Road to GDC"
English communication skills for Japanese "Game Planner"


This manga shows the cultural gap between Japanese game developers and western game developers.
The word "Game Planner" which means "Game Desinger" in Japan is the symbol of this topic.
In addition to it, there is another topic that most of Japanese people denigrate their own English skill. They are very afraid of speaking English and not eager to do business in overseas.
But Kensuke Shimdoa, the story writer of this manga, knows a fact from his own experience of collaborating with western game developers. It is that the western people actually value the communication skill of Japanese people when they try to express their thoughts and ideas even their English is not correct in the native English speaking.
If you are a native English speaker, you might notice that there is incorrect English in this Manga, but you can understand what the character says.
The dialogues in this manga are intended to be examples of simple English from which Japanese game developers shall start.
So, this manga itself is a supportive push for a Japanese game developer to communicate with overseas developers much more.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Kensuke Shimoda

    Kensuke Shimoda

    Game Designer / Composer / Cousultant

    degG Inc.

  • Yukie Hosokawa

    Yukie Hosokawa

    Yukie Hosokawa