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Patterns to Improve Programmers’ Production Efficiency

Expected Skill

Experience on general game programming

Ideas Take Away

Systematized knowledge that applies in various patterns to increase production efficiency

There are many factors that could easily lower programmers’ daily production efficiency. The purpose of this session is to systematically identify skills and know-hows to avoid such factors, and to flexibly correspond to them in the most suitable manner under different circumstances.

- Antithesis of Common Sense
One of the most important factors for systematization is to doubt what seems to be obvious and rethink for alternatives. For instance, as the production moves on, programmers’ link time tend to get longer and longer?but there are ways to avoid it.
The most common way of doing so today is by processing in a script language and loading it; however, in consideration of reducing the link time itself, there can be other solutions. By encompassing diverse ways of know-hows, number of choices for programmers will increase.

- Correlation Diagram of Each Pattern
Name each skills and know-hows that increases efficiency, and create a correlation diagram to define the link between each pattern. This will enable easier understandings of relationships among different patterns, as well as allowing users to look for combination of effective patterns. Moreover, another goal of this diagram is to become a basis to add new ideas to further increase the production efficiency in the future.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Hirokazu Eki

    Hirokazu Eki

    Ubisoft Osaka Co.Ltd.