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Real-time Rendering of Translucent Materials using
Curvature-Dependent Reflectance Function

Expected Skill

Shader programming experience

Ideas Take Away

Practical real-time rendering of translucent materials in single pass.

We develop a method for approximating the effects of subsurface
scattering using a curvature-dependent reflectance function.
Since the function is a local illumination model, we are able to
synthesize realistic translucent materials in real-time.
Furthermore, our system can be easily used to stylize subsurface
scattering effects because only one parameter is required.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Hiroyuki Kubo

    Hiroyuki Kubo


    Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

    Waseda University

  • Yoshinori Dobashi

    Yoshinori Dobashi

    Associate Professor

    Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

    Hokkaido University

  • Shigeo Morishima

    Shigeo Morishima


    Faculty of Science and Engineering

    Waseda University