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Digital Board Game``GA-BIN-IN-SUI"


Video games played with multiple people sharing the same space have entered the mainstream of entertainment. In table games, whose origins date back to ancient history, sharing the same space during game play has always been perceived as quite natural.
Analog table games have typically shared three main qualities: 1) a shared space, 2) information others cannot see, and 3) face-to-face play. However, there are few digital games that fulfill these three criteria. we propose a tabletop game called “GA-BIN-IN-SUI” that provides players with the experience of an analog table game enhanced with digital technology.

* The session contents are based on the information provided by the speakers.

  • Ryohei Takahashi

    Ryohei Takahashi

    Graduate student

    Katayose Laboratory

    Kwaseigakuin university