* All passes including EXPO PASS can access the CEDEC CHALLENGE.

Lightning GO 9×9 Board AI Matches: Season 1: The Final

" The CEDEC CHALLENGE for programming features the game of Go where matches are held between two AI (artificial intelligence) programs. We are currently soliciting AI programs from the general public. The event is organized to improve video game development technologies and to promote the development of relevant human talents through competition.
Please also refer to CEDEC 2011 results at (in Japanese) among with the explanations below.

Sound Creator Ogiri! Live Jingle Production Match

Top sound creators from game industry companies will produce jingles (short attention-getting music or sound effect) on site.
They will bring their own sound producing equipment to the venue and make a jingle based on the theme to be announced on site. The sound production process will be explained and the completed works will be reviewed. Differences in methodology between the participants, such as techniques for producing jingles quickly, will be introduced.
The event will allow you to learn how differences in the interpretation of a theme affect sound and the thought processes and techniques of the sound creators.

One-page Sheet Concept Competition: It's for Real Again

The one-page sheet concept competition unexpectedly turned out to be an all-out competition of professionals and amateurs at last year's CEDEC. For those of you who regretted missing the no holds barred competition last year, well here's your chance!
"One-page Concept Sheet Competition – It's for Real Again " is a "concept sheet competition" in which anyone can participate. All you need to do is summarize a conceptual plan on an A4-size page, based on the pre-defined theme. Freedom of expression is guaranteed, so long as your idea is understandable to the reader in about 15 seconds. Why not forget about the rules and restrictions of your daily business for a moment and join in this free-style, open-category battle royal? All entries will be reviewed by the judges and the creators of the best plans will be awarded during a session on the last day.