The first CEDEC AWARDS Ceremony was held in 2008 and it will be the 5th round this year. The objectives of the awards are to: put our focus on the technologies that greatly contributed to the advancement of the development of computer entertainment; confer awards to celebrate the achievements of the developers from the technological perspective; and thereby promote the diffusion and awareness of the development technologies and advancement of the industry. This year again, we formed the CEDEC AWARDS Nomination Committee consisting of those ranked at the top level in the questionnaire survey results of the CEDEC session audience of the previous year. The Committee, in collaboration with CEDEC Steering Committee, discussed and finalized the Nomination List (Nominees). CEDEC session audience this year has been asked to vote for the nominees, to decide the winners of the coveted awards.


Co-located event

As with last year, we have invited to the CEDEC venue three highly specialized conferences in technical fields that are related to computer entertainment development and hold them concurrently as "CEDEC 2012 co-located events."

Games and other forms of computer entertainment are an aggregation of advanced computer software including video, audio, and rendering. The knowledge nurtured through development has potential uses in various applications including CG, interactive devices, on-line services, e-commodity, education, and e-books.

CEDEC is a forum for you to join hands with those with same aspirations, and debate with those with different opinions, across corporate, industrial, and national boundaries so you can devise new ideas and broaden your perspective. In this sense, we are confident that the CEDEC 2012 co-located events will provide the participants with huge inspirations.

Developers' Night

Many key figures of the industry, including CEDEC speakers, will join this party on Wednesday, September 7.
It will be a precious opportunity for you to reinforce your connections with other developers, and meet new people and explore potential business opportunities.